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Naaz Joshi is a transgender International beauty queen, trans rights activist and motivational speaker. She was born as a boy named Aizya Joshi. Her close ones also call her by the name Charu. She is known for being the first transgender International beauty queen of India.


Naaz Joshi was born on Monday, 31 December 1984 (age 36 years; as of 2021) in New Delhi. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Naaz Joshi as a child

She has done foundation degree from St. joseph academy. She studied design at Pearl Academy, Knitwear design and Technology at NIFT, Aviation/Airway Management and Operations from Frankfinn institute of air hostess and has done a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in International Marketing from Institute of Management Technology, HYDERABAD. When Naaz was in school, and her male teachers saw her behaving like a girl, they used to teach her how to act like a boy. Her classmates used to make fun of her. Naaz was sent to one of her relative’s houses when she turned seven. They did not allow Naaz to study and always made her do the household work. Naaz started working at a Dhaba so that she could afford money for her studies. She used to go to school in the morning, and she used to work at the Dhaba in the afternoon. When Naaz turned eleven, she was gang-raped by her cousin and five other men. Her uncle asked her not to tell this to anyone. She later met another transgender woman who told her that Naaz was a little different from others and the society was not ready to accept her. The woman offered her to work as a bar dancer and Naaz left the job at the Dhaba and started working in a bar to manage her expenses. When she turned eighteen, she met her cousin Viveka Babaji who was a famous Mauritian model at that time. Viveka ensured Naaz that she would bear all the expenses of her studies. In 1998, Naaz completed her studies and to attain further education, she took admission to the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) to study fashion design. There she worked hard and topped all the semesters. She was a bright student and during the campus placement, she got a chance to work with famous designers Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri. She used to face a lot of problems at the workplace. Her colleagues used to call her by different names. The year 2013 became very crucial in Naaz`s life. She went for sex reassignment surgery in 2013.

Naaz Joshi before and after the sex reassignment surgery

She required a huge amount of money for the operation. To earn money faster, Naaz started working as a sex worker. She went to the hospital for an operation all by herself. She talked about her surgery in an interview and said,

I was an introvert and cry easily when people made fun of me. I have learnt to face situations with courage. I don’t tolerate ridicule or teasing.”

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Body Measurements (approx.): 32-38-38


Parents & Siblings

Naaz Joshi was born to a Muslim mother and her father was a Hindu Punjabi (the names of her parents are not known). She has a brother and a sister (the names of her siblings are not known).

Naaz Joshi with her father

Naaz Joshi with her mother

Naaz Joshi with her sister

Husband & Children

Naaz got married in May 2019 (the name of her husband is not known). She was married for some time and later got divorced. She adopted a girl child in 2018 and named her Manikarnika, and she adopted another girl child in 2020 whose name is Sharanaya Joshi.

Naaz Joshi with her husband

Naaz Joshi with her elder daughter Manikarnika

Naaz Joshi`s younger daughter Sharanaya



Naaz Joshi started her career in 2016 when she met a photographer Rishi Taneja who decided to make a documentary on Naaz`s life. Through her photos, he wanted to show people what the transgender community goes through. Rishi followed Naaz for one year to capture her pictures during the day. The pictures clicked by Rishi were presented in an exhibition in Milan. The editor of Tehelka magazine had also attended the exhibition. He decided to feature Naaz on the cover of his magazine. In 2016, Naaz became the first transgender to feature on the cover of a magazine. The title of the magazine read as “How people like Naaz Joshi are turning the way we see men and women.”

Naaz Joshi on the cover of Tehelka Magazine in 2016

In the same year, she became the brand ambassador of Miss United Nations.

Naaz Joshi becomes the brand ambassador of Miss United Nations

In 2017, she became the winner of the Miss World Diversity competition. She also became the first trans woman to win a competition against cisgender. She won the same title for three consecutive years.

Naaz Joshi becomes the Miss World Diversity 2018

Naaz Joshi becomes Miss World Diversity 2019

In 2018, she became the Miss Trans Queen India. She again became the first trans woman to win the competition. In 2019, she was featured in an advertising campaign on Klaren Sanitary Pads by Cian Agro Industries and Infrastructure Ltd.

Naaz Joshi in her first advertising campaign

She won the crown of Miss Universe Diversity in August 2020.

Naaz Joshi`s costume at Miss Univese Diversity

In 2021, she won the title of Empress Earth.

Naaz Joshi becomes Miss Empress Earth


In 2019, Naaz had booked 20 rooms for Queen Universe 2019 pageant in a hotel but her booking was cancelled on the day of the show. She accused the hotel staff of gender discrimination against her. She claimed that she kept updating the sales manager of the hotel for two months but he cancelled the booking after getting to know that she was transgender. The hotel staff denied all the allegations and said that they required the permission of the RSO for booking 20 rooms for one guest. Naaz had written about the incident on Facebook.

Awards, Honours, Achievements

Naaz worked for gender sensitisation with former Member of Parliament Dr. Udit Raj after completing her studies.

She has worked on constitutional rights and menstrual hygiene for women awareness.

She is also the brand ambassador of Tritan Solutions Pvt Ltd.

In 2019, she was invited to TedX in Mathura.


Naaz Joshi has posted photos of her drinking alcohol on Instagram.

Naaz Joshi`s photo on Instagram drinking alcohol

In 2017, in the Miss World Diversity competition, the contestants were given a task to spend time with the kids who were abandoned by their parents. Naaz spent a good time with the kids but the other women in the competition were not comfortable talking to the kids. This made Naaz win the competition. Even after winning the competition, Naaz did not get much media coverage.

After Naaz won the crown of Miss World Diversity, she was felicitated by the famous anchor and editor-in-chief of India TV Rajat Sharma.

Naaz Joshi felicitated by anchor and editor-in-chief of India TV Rajat Sharma

After Naaz adopted the girls, she said in an interview, that she was happy being a single mother. She informed that the baby she had adopted was of a couple that was about to separate and the baby was an IVF baby so, she got custody of the baby easily.

In 2019, she became part of the Delhi Queer Pride rally.

Naaz Joshi at the Delhi Queer Pride rally 2019

In 2020, in the Miss Universe Diversity competition, Naaz went to Mauritius and competed against 14 International contestants. The dress of her competition was a blue lehenga and a choli, and she dressed like a goddess to show women empowerment. Due to the lockdown, the competition was held online and Naaz chose to work on women safety.

The Empress Earth competition was to be held in Dubai in June but was held online. The contestants were asked to give opinions about the lockdown. Naaz said that lockdown was not the option for fighting coronavirus rather people should be more aware and take safety precautions.

To create awareness about her community, Naaz gave a speech at the Lovely Professional University in Punjab and the Vellore Institute of Technology.

In an interview, Naaz discussed about the mental health of transgenders. She said,

The transgender people take a pill called Progynova although their lives. This pill causes mood swings and gives suicidal thoughts to the person.”

Naaz also said in an interview that her mother was abusive towards her, and she would still beat her and did not allow anyone to meet Naaz.

Naaz Joshi`s Instagram post about physical abuse by her mother

Naaz has talked about her life on TedX.

Naaz Joshi at the TedX Talks

She wishes to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi one day.

In an interview, she gave advice to the parents who give birth to transgender. She said,

Don’t get scared of people. Your child is yours. Don’t let them undergo trauma. They are already going through a trauma inside their heart and minds. Don’t add to their problem and stay strong with them. Be with them. Stand with them. Tell the world, yes, we are with family, we are with our children. And I can give you in writing that your children will make you proud for sure. If you abandon them, they might become a bar dancer or sex worker like me. They might have to go through suicide attempts as I did. So please don’t betray your children. Open your arms and embrace them. They are your blood only.”

Naaz likes to eat non-veg food.

Naaz Joshi`s Instagram post about her food habits

She has a peacock tattoo on her back.

Naaz Joshi`s tattoo

She is politically inclined towards the Indian National Congress.

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