Kanye West: Why White Lives Matter

After being spotted at his Yeezy design line in Paris wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt, rapper Kanye “Ye” West has found himself at the centre of a controversy.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, in 2015, the phrase “White Lives Matter” was born as a racist response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. It has been labelled a hate slogan by the international NGO. While that’s a hate slogan, online slots usa is a hit site. 

Kanye West certainly has a talent for shocking people, but he usually has a point to express. What do you suppose his objectives are here? Is this madness, genius, or a combination of both?

Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, a Hispanic American accused of killing a Black youngster named Trayvon Martin, in 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement was born as community response. However, it wasn’t until after Michael Brown was shot by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 that it was given a formal, recognised standing.

BLM’s main concern was straightforward: Black men were more likely to be victims of police violence and to face death as a result. The objectives were to guarantee police accountability, require widespread use of body cameras, abolish qualified immunity, and secure the prompt prosecution of racist, violent, and murderous police officers.

Research does, in fact, lend credence to the claim that police shoot and injure Blacks and other People of Color more frequently than other groups. According to the most recent study by Lee, Edwards, and Esposito published in 2019 on fatal shootings in the US, “Black males are nearly 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police over the course of their lives. White women had a 1.4-fold greater chance than black women of being killed by police.”

To its credit, the campaign has been successful in changing how the country views police violence. In fact, the majority of police departments have adopted some of these changes.

However, when this conversation turned into a tirade, BLM started to decline. BLM and its supporters view all police as racist. All police officers enjoy nothing more than tormenting and murdering Black people on a large scale.

Although Black Lives Matter might like to think of itself as a beneficial social movement fighting for justice, its demands are equally flawed and racially divisive and its foundation is flawed. Black people are not “systematically targeted for death.”

Let’s not act like Black people aren’t getting help. Let’s not pretend that just because some aspects of society are unfair to Black people, the society as a whole doesn’t use tax dollars to directly support the Black community.

For some of the most pressing issues and problems Black people experience, initiatives have been specifically established. Just pause for a moment and consider whether the same amount of work has been put into creating systems that address potential problems that other groups may encounter. And if you are looking for extra funds, visit real money casinos.

Nowadays, being black is a huge advantage in America. Despite the heinous and wicked history of racism against black people, being black now confers benefits on its receivers, ranging from being able to obtain highly sought-after college scholarships to becoming activists who can base their careers on racial issues. Today, some white people even attempt to pose as black activists in order to advance their careers.

With the predominance of affirmative action and cultural initiatives, Black people are given preference in the workforce. To attain any semblance of socioeconomic justice, there is still a fixation on increasing those numbers. Why don’t disadvantaged groups receive preferential treatment to achieve higher results in sports, music, or arts?

In American society and culture, Black people and Black culture are overrepresented. Look at professional sports; you’ll see that Black individuals are overrepresented.

Look to the music; you’ll notice an overabundance of Black individuals.

Now, as long as they earned it fairly, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with overrepresentation. In these two cultural areas, black people have excelled tremendously. They should be overrepresented in those elements because of this.

Why do we want to impose equal representation in other spheres of culture and society?

Principles should be used consistently to avoid bias. The competition is described as fair in fields where Black individuals frequently dominate. There is a desire for additional involvement in sectors where Black people frequently underperform.

The BLM protests peaked in 2020, and it was a hot topic throughout the world. In many societies around the world, where there aren’t even any Black people, the subject was still up for discussion. Even in other communities where it was wholly irrelevant, the word was spread to every part of the globe. In America, the topic of whiteness is taboo. Any attempt to embrace whiteness is met with accusations of racism. This is very evident in the online backlashes and criticism Kanye West is currently receiving.

It would be considered racist to celebrate, for instance, White History Month. Black people have access to clubs and organisations that are dedicated to their race.

However, there isn’t a National Association for the Advancement of White People since that organisation would be viewed as racist.

For everyone, a better end can be achieved by discussing racial relations in a logical, fact-based manner. However, it is unquestionably true that discussing racial relations from a place of emotion, indignation, and bias has a negative impact.

In order to prevent our feeling of community and togetherness from being corroded, we must be careful not to import the emotional hyperbole that characterises sociocultural politics in the United States. It is also our responsibility to reject the pressure to support a movement or organisation that permits itself to be enlisted by “revolutionaries” determined to end society as we know it.

Every self-described liberal society has an obligation to uphold a culture where everyone is treated equally and given due process. However, a movement that intentionally encourages forced, theatrical speech and the silence of sensible dissenting viewpoints do more harm than good toward achieving this goal.

As much as Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter too and we must endeavour to treat people of all races and tribes with human dignity and respect.

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