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Interesting Facts About Ranveer Singh

Does Ranveer Singh Drink?: Yes

Ranveer Singh Drink
Ranveer Singh Drink (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh in his first Instagram post called all his fans to thank you. He shared this post on DECEMBER 9, 2014.

In the year 2014, Ranveer Singh went to a tourist place named Switzerland in the country of Europe to roam.

Ranveer Singh With Dog
Ranveer Singh With Dog (Photo Credit – Instagram)

In the year 2016, the film of Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor named Befikre may have flopped. But both of them had a lot of fun in this film and tell you that there is a total of 40 kisses in the film. And in the interview, Ranveer Singh said that for a teen, it has been repeated 3-4 times.

Befikre (Photo Credit – Instagram)

In the year 2014, Ranveer Singh celebrated his birthday on the set of the film Gunday. After celebrating the birthday, Priyanka Chopra put a cake on Ranveer Singh’s face.

Ranveer Singh Birthday Celebration
Ranveer Singh Birthday Celebration(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh is a big fan of Akshay Kumar since childhood. He has also photographed with Akshay Kumar in childhood. Today Ranveer Singh works with Akshay Kumar.

Ranveer Singh With Akshay Kumar
Ranveer Singh With Akshay Kumar (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Like Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh is an MS Dhoni since childhood.

Ranveer Singh With MS Dhoni
Ranveer Singh With MS Dhoni (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh looked like this when he was 6 years old. Ranveer Singh was very cute in childhood.

Ranveer Singh With Her Mother
Ranveer Singh With His Mother (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh has done the work which big actors like Salman, Shahrukh, and Aamir Khan could not do. Darshal Ranveer Singh is the first such actor whose 4 films have earned more than 100 crores.

Ranveer Singh was offered the lead role for Bollywood’s most flop Bombay Velvet film of 2015. But perhaps Ranveer Singh came up with the idea of the film being flopped.

Ranveer Singh’s full name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. Sonam Kapoor’s mother’s surname was also Bhavnani before marriage. He is the son of Sonam’s aunt.

Ranveer Singh likes to eat boiled eggs, salt, and pepper in the diet.

Ranveer Singh loves being in fitness. That is why they consume more protein and fewer carbohydrate items. Ranveer Singh does not like to eat bread, rice, noodles, and pasta.

Ranveer Singh loves to exercise. This is why He goes to the gym every day. If Ranveer Singh goes to a place where the gym is not present, he does push-ups.

Ranveer Singh loves to eat chocolates and sweet things like children.

Today we see Ranveer Singh fit but as a child, he was very fat.

To stay in fitness, Ranveer Singh’s fitness mantra is to work hard, eat right, and get the right amount of sleep.

Ranveer Singh says that it is necessary to have a fit body for confidence.

Ranveer Singh does not like drinking alcohol. But still, he drinks alcohol two or three times a year.

Ranveer Singh Drink
Ranveer Singh Drink (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh exercises at least three-four hours every day.

At the time of Ranveer Singh’s first film Band Baaja Baaraat, such an affair was spread that Ranvir Singh’s father had given Rs 11 crore to director Aditya Chopra to make the film. After which Ranveer Singh said that this is a lie. He got the film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ because of his talent.

Ranveer Singh is now a married man. But before marriage, His name was associated with Anushka Sharma and Ahana Deol.

Ranveer Singh’s Indian has a lot of fan following. One fan was gifted an expensive gold chain to Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh loved Raveena Tandon and Sonali Bendre as a child.

During an interweave, Ranveer Singh said that if he had not become an actor in his life, he would have become a writer.

Ranveer Singh also has a Bollywood record that he is the first Bollywood actor, whose fourth film grossed more than 100 crores.

During a scene in the film “Bajirao Mastani”, his right shoulder was injured while performing a stunt from the roof of the house. After which he was taken to the hospital in Jaipur, where he was treated.

During the film “Bajirao Mastani”, Ranveer Singh stopped using his valuables meaning phone and internet.

Apart from being a good actor, Ranveer Singh is also a good rapper. Ranveer Singh’s favorite rapper is Emiway Bantai and Divine.

Ranveer Singh was late in the press conference of Suryavanshi. After Ranveer Singh came, he called Akshay Kumar sorry and did sit-ups by holding his ear.

Ranveer Singh loves to play and watch sports. Ranveer Singh is a cricket enthusiast, Ranveer Singh has his favorites Mumbai Indians team in the IPL.

Ranveer Singh Support Mumbai Indians
Ranveer Singh Support Mumbai Indians  (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh’s mother and father were married on 19 September 1960.

Ranveer Singh Parents
Ranveer Singh Parents (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ranveer Singh danced with Sadhguru.

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