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Suchitra Ella 56 years old born in Thiruthani, Tamil Naidu India. She holds a graduation degree in BA Economics from university of Madras after which she did diploma in business development from UWCU Madison, in real estate management from University of South Carolina and followed by post-graduate diploma in patent law from NALSAR Hydrabad. Ella has also pursued her academic interests in US at Wisconsin and South Carolina in the areas of business and marketing. Before returning to India Suchitra and her husband lived in both North and the laidback southern part of US. They returned to India to set up a firm. Suchitra always wanted to join in her husband’s dream of manufacturing vaccines and making them affordable. Suchitra was the one who convienced her husband to return from US and set up their business in India. They set up their firm in 1996 with the name “Bharat Biotech Private Limited”. Bharat Biotech has given the world Covaxin, the first vaccine for COVID-19 to be fully developed and manufactured in India along with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).


Suchitra Ella comes from a middle class family and the daughter of a mining engineer.  Her mother was a housewife. She along with her husband lived in US and in 90’s  they returned back to India to set up their own business. They sold their assets in US. Her husband Dr Krishna Ella is an alumnus of University of Hawaii and University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has done PhD in molecular biology and is now an  Indian scientist and entrepreneur He is the founder and chairman of Bharat Biotech where he is also a Managing Director.While her husband was pursuing his PHD in US she was working in customer operations in Waikiki Corporation and Woodman’s. Both Dr. Krishna and Suchitra grew up in Tamil Nadu but they chose to set up their business in Hyderabad.

Suchitra has one Son and daughter. Her son’s name is Reechas Veerendra who is married to the Eenadu Group’s chairman Cherukuri Ramoji’s granddaughter Sahari who is a graduate in Communications.

Suchitra Ella with her son and daughter-in-law


Corporate Sector

Before becoming an enterpreneur Suchitra Ella worked in a marketing area where she was a customer operations in Waikiki Corporation and Woodman”s in US.

CO-Founder Of Bharat Biotech

In 1996  Suchitra and her husband Dr.Krishna Ella after returning back to India set up their firm in Hydrabad with the name “Bharat Biotech” which is an Indian multinational biotechnological company whose headquater is in Hydrabad. Suchitra Ella is the Co-Founder and Joint managing director of the company. she built the company ground up with a capital of Rs 12.5 crore and did everything from sourcing land to acquiring government permissions and more. They started from the very scratch and faced a lot of finanicial issues as well. It almost took three years for the first product to come out. The firm is engagaed in the drug development, drug discovery ,manufacturing of vaccines, bio-therapeutics, pharmaceuticals and health care products. The company has 700 employees. The company has been making waves in the world of vaccines for a long time, with remarkable vaccines against Hepatitis B, Swine Flu and the Zika Virus. Covaxin has been developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with Indian Council of Medical Research’s National Institute of Virology (NIV). It is one of the two COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the country since 16 January,2021. Bharat Biotech is one of the leading pharma companies in the country. It has delivered over 4 billion doses (as of 2020) of vaccines worldwide and holds over 140 patents.

Suchitra Ella founder of Covaxin

Year 2017 was one of the best year for both Suchitra and Krishna Ella as they got an rder from global vaccine alliance GAVI for the purchase of new typhoid vaccine. Mrs Ella is a strong pillar of support and guidance at Bharat, overseeing a wide range of operations in the company. Ella has is responsible for new projects, HR and administration, corporate communication and corporate affairs. She said ” If my husband is the brain of the company I am the heart.”


Suchitra Ella has been awarded  Genome Valley Excellence Award on 22nd Feb 2021 at the inaugural event of BioAsia 2021 for breakthrough, pioneering research, development and commercialisation of vaccines including Covaxin, Rabies vaccine,Rotavirus vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Polio vaccine.

Suchitra Elle with husband Krishna Elle in BioAsia award


She has been awarded with The International Women Enterpreneurial Challenge Award 2007 by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

Suchitra also recieved the FLO GR8 Women Achievers Award 2008 for enterprenurial excellence.


Suchitra Ella has been nominated as the Founding Chairwomen of the Indian Women Network of CII which aims to provide a platform for working women to come forward and discuss their issues.

CII Indian Women Network hosted Seminar

 She is currently the Chairperson of CII Andhra Pradesh State Council for 2012-13. She had earlier been elected to the CII Andhra Pradesh State Council.

The foundation of Covaxin have lead Suchitra Ella and the firm with more recoginization as the Brazilian government opened new lines of probe into the Covaxin contract that focused on the contract for 20 million doses of Covaxin.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bharat Biotech firm in Hydrabad and congratulated Suchitra Ella and the firm for their achievement for Covaxin.

Suchitra Ella with Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Suchitra likes reading books, listening classical music and she loves travelling to historical and natural locations.

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