The best Halloween songs of all time

It’s just as important to have the right Halloween music on repeat as it is to have a great costume and a bunch of scary movies ready to watch. We dug deep into the earth to find our favourite streamers and dusted off our Jewel cases to find the best Halloween music for you.

These songs will get you moving whether you’re stuck in a boring indoor event or just want to eat fun-sized candies in the comfort of your own home. We swear there’s nothing but “Thriller” and nothing else (well, not really, but you could be forgiven for thinking so). We’ve also put together a list of Halloween songs that kids can enjoy.

1. ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson

At the beginning of the best music video ever made, from what might be the best album ever made, Michael tells his girl, “I’m not like other guys.” Did we know back in 1982 how true that phrase was? There are a few things in “Thriller” that shouldn’t work but do. The song is six minutes long, and Vincent Price, who is 71 years old and raps, is a doll. As a whole, though, and with a funky Minimoog bass line that never stops, it is pure genius. Jackson wrote in his article, “I want to make it clear that this film does not support the idea that the occult exists.” On the other hand, the bones of the Elephant Man and the chimp did not.

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2. ‘This is Halloween’ by Danny Elfman

Elfman perfected his weird horror-tinged music on Oingo Boingo, but he let it all out on this banger, which opens The Nightmare Before Christmas with jingle-jangle mayhem while a chorus of ghouls shouts out the comedic horrors to come. With its chorus of yelling clowns and whispering vampires, this children’s song is almost certain to go down in Halloween history.

3. ‘Season of the Witch by Donovan

In his five-minute dark psychedelic song “Season of the Witch,” which is on his album Sunshine Superman, Donovan never says what he means by “season of the witch.” The way the song describes changing identities (‘So many different people to be) in a society gone wrong (‘Beatniks are out to get rich) gives off a chill of dread, and the guitar line, played by Jimmy Page before he joined Led Zeppelin, adds some welcome acid undertones.

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4. ‘I Put a Spell On You (Remix) by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

The first song was ever written about Halloween. The greatness that can’t be questioned; is probably the best thing ever. Even though Hawkins doesn’t remember writing the song, “Screamin'” will always be his stage name. I was a regular blues singer back then. Even though I was just Jay Hawkins at the time, I soon learned that shouting my heart out could ruin a song completely. When he came out on stage in a black cape with tusks sticking out of his nose and a smoking skull named Henry, he became popular. This one-of-a-kind Jeremy Sole remix was played on KCRW.


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