Who is the Highest Paid Esports Player in 2022? Know Here!!

Esports is a form of video game competition. It has grown quickly in popularity over the past decade and is now considered a legitimate form of the sport by many. Competitors from around the world come together to play games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Super Smash Bros, and many more. It’s no wonder professional gamers are now making huge amounts of money from gaming skills.

The highest-paid esports player in 2022 will likely be someone who has achieved major success in the competitive gaming scene. At the time of writing, a handful of highly talented players have already gained immense fame and success. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at the top esports players and their estimated salaries in 2022.

Best 5 Highest-Paid Esports Players:

  1. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein: 

With $7.2 million in earnings, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein will be the highest-paid esports player in 2022. He plays for Team OG and has won four tournaments this year alone — The International 2018, The International 2019, MDL Chengdu Major 2019, and EPICENTER Major 2019. N0tail is the highest-paid esports player of all time, but his success extends beyond that. He’s had long spells at OG and Fnatic prior to TI8 and TI9, which cements him atop this list.

  1. Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi: 

Miracle-, a former Team Liquid Dota 2 player, is currently the second highest paid esports professional. He won The International 2017 and has earned $5.5 million in total prize money since then. He’s been part of several successful teams and recently joined Nigma as their new mid player.

  1. Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Borislavov: 

MinD_ContRoL is the third highest earning player in 2022 with $5 million in prize money earned since 2017. He plays for Team Nigma and has won several international tournaments, including The International 2018 and Dota 2 Asia Championships 2019.  Also, he is known as one of the most consistent players in the world and has been part of Team Nigma’s successful roster since 2017.

  1. Peter “ppd” Dager: 

Peter “ppd” Dager was a former Evil Geniuses player is another highest paid esports professional in 2022. He has earned $4.5 million since 2017 and currently plays for Ninjas in Pyjamas as their captain. Ppd is one of the only players to have won The International twice, once in 2015 and again in 2018 with Evil Geniuses. He is known for his shot-calling and drafting skills, which have helped Ninjas in Pyjamas become a top team in the Dota 2 professional scene.

  1. Maroun “GH” Merhej

GH is currently part of Team Liquid and has earned $4.2 million since 2017. He is a highly versatile player and can play almost any hero in the game, but is usually seen playing support roles for his team. GH became well known for his performances on Team Liquid at The International 2019, where they finished 2nd place. Since joining Team Liquid he has also become the most successful player in the world and will be a major contender for the position of highest-paid esports player in 2022.

The Last Word:

It’s still too early to say definitively who will be the highest paid esports player in 2022, but these five players have already achieved great success and are likely contenders. These highly talented individuals have worked hard to get where they are, and it will be exciting to see how the competition continues to unfold over the next few years.

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