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Education: PGDM In Marketing And Sales

Age: 29 Years

Hometown: Jammu

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ridhima Arora

Ridhima Arora is an Indian entrepreneur, author, trained yoga instructor, and practicing nutritionist who is the founder of Namhya Foods, an Ayurvedic food company.

She grew up in a middle-class family in Jammu.

Ridhima Arora in childhood

Her grandfather was a hakeem (a traditional ayurvedic practitioner) and owned a small store in Jammu in 1937 where he sold natural herbs and did ayurvedic treatments.

Later, in 1985, Ridhima’s father took over her grandfather’s store and expanded it further.

Ridhima worked as a project trainee at Ramco Systems, Chennai, for around four months while she was pursuing her post-graduation.

Ridhima Arora during her convocation

She was inclined towards fashion from a very young age and did a few modelling projects while she was in college.

Ridhima Arora shooting for Model Citizen Media

After completing her post-graduation, Arora joined Lava International Limited, Noida, as a Senior Marketing Manager and worked there for around three years. While working there, she used to earn Rs. 27000 a month.

In 2018, Ridhima worked as a Senior Marketing Manager at Automate International in Gurgaon.

In the same year, her father fell ill and she resigned from her job to look after her father. He was with Liver Cirrhosis. The doctors said that her father could live only for 6 months. During the interview, while sharing the details of the same, she said,

My 59-year-old father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, and doctors said there was nothing they could do, because his condition was worsening rapidly. They declared that my father just had 6 months to live. While he was at home, I spent my time ensuring he ate nutritious food that is clean and locally sourced.”

Ridhima visited many doctors and dieticians to find a cure for her father and started taking treating him with traditional immunity boosters like harad ka pani and giloy water.

Ridhima gave a mix of allopathic treatments to her father with the ayurvedic herbs, and physical exercises in form of Yoga for months and while she was doing so, an idea of blending nutrition with taste struck her mind.

In 2019, Ridhima founded Namhya Foods Private Ltd. with the aim of bridging the gap between tasty food and health, using Ayurveda. In an interview, while talking about Namhya, Ridhima said,

Initially I thought of making cure-based products, but after research, I realised that there were a plethora of such products already available in the market. So I put my faith in preventive foods segment.”

Initially, she invested Rs. 22 lakhs and set up a small manufacturing unit on the land of her family in Jammu.

Her company sold Rs. 5 lakhs of inventory in the first 6 months and earned a revenue of Rs. 1 crore within a year.

Her company’s products are available in grocery stores across Delhi, Jammu, and Gujarat. They are also available on online platforms like Flipkart, eBay, Etsy, and the company’s official website.

Naymha Foods has launched eight different products as of 2021 like Heart tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, brain foods, and Gond Katira. They are made using natural ingredients and are free from preservatives.

Ridhima Arora with Namhya Foods products

As of 2021, Ridhima is also working as a freelancer at Global Changemakers.

She gives nutrition-based coaching to kids, NGOs, and corporates in various seminars.

In her spare time, she likes travelling and doing adventure sports.

Ridhima Arora doing skydiving

Ridhima is a fitness freak and hits the gym daily.

Ridhima Arora inside the gym

Arora once suffered from PCOS and that is the time she realised the importance of Ayurveda and a healthy diet in one’s life. In an interview, talking about the same, she said,

I started my journey towards a healthy lifestyle when I gained tremendous weight due to PCOS. In an effort to become fit, I modified my diet. But it is really hard to shut your cravings. While the fancy quinoa chips and avocados pinch the pocket, the other section of fad foods is even worse because of the hidden harmful ingredients lost in marketing communication done in the front of the pack.”

Ridhima has appeared on many news channels to talk about the benefits of healthy eating.

Ridhima Arora as a guest on Young Bites

In 2021, she participated in the Change Maker Xchange Summit, Asia & Australia.

Ridhima Arora as a part of CXC 2021 Summit

Aryan Mehra, one of her clients, shared on a news channel that his grandfather had benefitted from Ridhima’s Ayurvedic Products. His grandfather suffered blocked valves in his heart and was advised to eat healthy by the doctors. Talking about the same, he said,

I came across Namhya Foods on Instagram in April of 2020, and I purchased the ‘Heart Tea’ for my grandfather. After consuming it regularly for three months and changing other food habits, his condition improved. Even doctors noted it during follow-up appointments.”

Arora follows the teachings of Buddhism.

Her role models are Oprah Winfrey, Michael singer, Marianne Williamson, and Ekhart Tolle.

She draws her inspiration from her mother.

She has appeared as a guest speaker on public platforms like Josh Talks and TEDx.

Ridhima Arora at Josh Talks

In July 2021, she was invited to an E-Summit at Kalyani Govt Engineering College, West Bengal.

Her company’s first product was ‘Heart Tea’ to lower cholesterol levels and was priced at Rs. 230. The product is made of  Arjuna Chhaal which helps in the natural control of cholesterol. She has kept the prices of her company’s products very normal, with their most expensive product costing Rs. 450.

As of 2021, she works with a team of just 7 employees and has a corporate office in Delhi.

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