OUTERSPACE Lyrics – Don Toliver ft. Baby Keem

OUTERSPACE Lyrics by Don Toliver ft. Baby Keem is latest English song with music also given by MIKE DEAN, London Cyr & Dez Wright. OUTERSPACE song lyrics are written by Dez Wright, Baby Keem, Don Toliver, MIKE DEAN, London Cyr & Jahaan Sweet.
Song Name:
Don Toliver, Baby Keem
MIKE DEAN, London Cyr, Dez Wright
Lyrics by:
Dez Wright, Baby Keem, Don Toliver, MIKE DEAN, London Cyr, Jahaan Sweet
This the 7-1-3 mother-f^^ker don t
And this your boy cardo man
Me and keem just touched down in h-town
Know what I am talking about
Aye! Man, come pick these up in one those slayers
You know what I am saying one of those s^^ts
With the elbows hangin’ out
Ayye tap in
I say what’s up man? It’s booman, I am back again
Let your friends know
Can you braid my hair like iverson’s?
I’m just playing, woah! I got movie .. On the channel
Most of my hoes know I don’t play the piano
Bi^^h, I am moving stuff
Just ask yourself, have you seen me?
He got 2 h^es, ooh s^^t, he’s baby keem
You went too long & you know it’s time too see me
In and out the state, yeahh this s^^t all for take, yeahh
You mistreat the ho (ahh-ahh-ahh)
Make her feel out of place, yeahh
That’s a big mistake, I can not relate, huhh
Me & my girl moving at a pace, hmmm
If that s^^t moving too fast, I hit the brakes
I say, what’s up, ho?
It’s boolin’, I am back again
Tell your friend, ho
I can see the money through the lens
I am just saying, though
No more baby really top 10, used too hop out the benz
Cover that cash ’til the thought I spin
’82 rolls (yeahh, yeahh), 2 more wings
I’ma let you go in peace, but I seen how it seem
Baby keep on callin’, how it controllin’ me
But I workin’ in a line, only way too try
I can not decide, middle of july
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh yeah yeah yeah
Ooh, ooh
Ten toes down and I am schemin’ in s^^t
Eviction notice, lil’ bi^^h
Get off my penis and s^^t, yeahh
I am the type too talk about my demons & s^^t
Tennis chains on, feeling like serena & s^^t
I got stripes, I gotta write
I wanna run down on an opp, I call it a frame
Made it around, caught that chopper
Ni^^a I am shootin’, nah, these ain’t blanks
I been moving in silence (yeahh)
I am known to keep it private
I condone the violence (yeahh), pray with me
I am still not dead, I am spinning it for ya’
Still not dead, I am spinning it for yaa
When I want you back, but I can’t employ ya’
Want you back, yeahh
Gotta keep that strap for the militant soldier
Keep that strap with you
And you smoking that dope, right there I sold ya’
I thought I told ya’ (ooh, ooh)
I gotta run through the fire
I need a ho like mariah
I wanna swerve with the tire
I make the family retire
I gotta see the hope, be the way
I gotta feed the folks where I lay
I gotta show the light to weak
Dodgin’ the fake, woke in l.A.

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